Local SIM Israel

Local SIM Israel

Where can I get a local SIM card in Israel? Which local SIM provider is recommended? How would I know which plan to get?

Local SIM can be purchased in many places around the country, especially in large cities. However, walking around and finding the right store with an English-speaking salesperson is not always easy. Even in Tel Aviv, there are areas where English speakers are not found in every store. There are now online solutions for getting a local SIM.

Local SIM Israel – Right to Your Doorstep

Nowadays you can order a local SIM to your hotel or other address you plan to stay at. Online, you can review the variety of packages from different companies in English and get what you really need. Hassle-free.

Simply choose the package that fits your needs and have it shipped straight to you. No more wandering around aimlessly searching. No pushy salespeople urging you to buy what you do not actually need.

Which Network Provider is Recommended?

There is a lot of competition in Israel as far as mobile network providers go. For the best network coverage, comprehensive plans, good customer service, and prices, going with one of the big three is recommended: Partner, Cellcom, or Pelephone. An example of one of the top plans available that is highly recommended:  unlimited calls and SMS + 70 GB data.

Tokman – Provider of Local SIM Israel

Tokman offers you access to all the prepaid SIM card companies in the Israeli market. You can purchase a new SIM or add credit to an existing number.

Packages offer all-inclusive plans as well as selective plans such as Calls and SMS Only or Data Only. The packages are easy to understand at competitive prices and will be delivered to you.

Purchase your new local SIM Israel from Partner here >>

Prepaid Local SIM Israel

Prepaid Local SIM Israel

Can I get a prepaid local SIM card in Israel at the airport? Is a local SIM in Israel expensive? Can I add credit to an existing local SIM?

Landing in a new country can be stressful, especially if you do not have a phone package. Getting around becomes more difficult if you cannot use navigation apps right away and WIFI is not readily available. Local SIM in Israel can be purchase at the airport, but like most airports, you will be paying a much higher price. Local SIM cards in Israel are not generally expensive.

Local SIM Israel versus Roaming

Data roaming and mobile network roaming can be complicated and expensive. Even if you have purchased an overseas plan, issues may arise. You may encounter problems with coverage areas in your destination country or unexpected fees that were not mentioned. A local SIM can ensure maximum coverage and no extra fees.

Prepaid Local SIM Israel – All the Options Available

In Israel, you can purchase a new prepaid local SIM, a local SIM without credit, or add credit to an existing SIM you purchased on a previous trip.

There are options for different amounts of data roaming, packages with unlimited use for social media and navigation apps, overseas calls (for when you miss home), calls, and SMS-only packages. The options are endless.

Tokman Online SIM Services

Tokman offers you the most variety of local SIM providers and packages of all sizes online. All plans are valid for 30 days. The most popular mobile network providers in Israel are Cellcom, Partner, and Pelephone and their local SIM Israel plans can be found on the Tokman website.

Tokman also offers a WhatsApp customer service number in English for questions and assistance. Purchase your new prepaid local SIM Israel from Cellcom right here.

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